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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Mock Exam Timetable




General advice for effective exam preparation;

  •          Ensuring the student has a quiet space to work and somewhere to keep their resources together
  •          Putting their mobile phone away for the duration of the revision session (unless they are using it to access an online revision app)
  •          Effective revision almost always involves producing something such as revision cards, mind maps, essay plans, instruction cards etc.                     Reading and highlighting is not effective revision.
  •          Split the revision session into ‘learning information’ and then ‘testing themselves’ – it is not essential that the testing element is on what             they have just been revising, it could be a different topic altogether. Testing themselves could include a family member testing them using           their revision cards or revision book, doing a past paper question and self-marking it, writing out what they can remember before                           checking their notes.
  •          Revision sessions are best done over an hour with a gap in the middle to clear their mind for a few minutes. Stopping for a drink and snack           may be helpful.
  •          All students will have a preferred method of revision but they may need to try out a few ways to find it!
  •          Ensure a balance of revision and rest is achieved. Putting it off will not benefit anyone, likewise not having a break can also be detrimental.
  •          If a student is particularly stressed or upset it is best to stop. They should then be supported to decide upon a time that they will come back to it or decide when they will seek help from a teacher.

Looking for further advice?

Below are some links to some webinars that students may wish to sign up for to get further advice on how to use their time effectively.