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Philosophy & Ethics Revision List


Philosophy Y11 Revision List

You will sit one paper lasting 1 hr 45 mins in the upcoming Mock Exam. There will be two religions topics and two ethics topics included in the paper. You will have an average of 25 mins per section. In May (14th and 16th) you will sit two exams at 1hr45 each; one will be based purely on Islam and Christianity and the other will be based on the 4 philosophy and ethics themes we have covered.

Islamic Beliefs

  • The Six Articles – what they are, why they are significant to Muslims (i.e. how do they affect Muslims)
  • Nature of Allah (Tawhid/oneness, omnipotence, judge, Transcendant, Immanent) and how that will affect believers.
  • Akirah – what it is, how it affects Muslims in practice.
  • The Imamate in Shia Islam – what it is and how it’s significant.

Islamic Practices

  • 5 Pillars in both Shia and Sunni Islam – should know what each one is and how it is important in practice.
  • Salat and its significance
  • Jihad – should know the meaning and importance of both greater and lesser Jihad.
  • Festivals including Eid (Adha and Fitr) and Ashura.

Families and Relationships

  • Contrasting (Christian, Muslim, Atheist) views on Contraception, Sex before Marriage and Homosexuality
  • Sexuality, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and Same Sex Marriage – need to know laws, secular and religious views on them.
  • Gender Equality, prejudice and discrimination, roles of men and women.
  • Types of Families, role of parents and children, Polygamy

Existence of God and Revelation

  • Should know contrasting Theist and Atheist views on Visions, Miracles, and Nature as general revelation.
  • Philosophical Arguments for and against the existence of God, including strengths and weaknesses:


  • Design Argument
  • Causation/First Cause Argument
  • Argument from Miracles
  • Evil and Suffering as an argument against God.
  • Science as proof God doesn’t exist.


  • Special and General Revelation and Enlightenment – what they are, examples, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Different characteristics of God and how they might be problematic (omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent, transcendent, immanent).