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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

School Led Tuition

In September 2021, the government offered an expanded tutoring offer in the form of funded school led tutoring for the academic year 2021/2022. The money received from the government and supplemented by schools, is ring fenced to provide tutoring provision for 60% of our disadvantaged and vulnerable students in Years 7-11 who have missed the most education due to COVID-19.  The subjects are Maths, English, Science, Geography, History and MFL. The National Tutoring Programme is divided up into 3 routes which are:

                1: Tuition Partners

                2: Academic Mentors

                3: School Led Tutoring

School led tutoring in essence, is small group tuition to groups of no more than 6 students. The focus is on skills or content that are essential for progress to be made in these subjects. Small group tutoring has a positive impact on students’ academic progress - Small group tuition can make 4 months progress whereas 1:1 tuition may make up to 5 months progress.(EEF Research)  Not only does it benefit students academically though, it also helps to build resilience in students and can improve the life chances of the young people in our community.

We took the decision to provide School Led Tutoring to our students as we felt that we had the necessary expertise and ability to support from within our existing and talented staff body. The programme has been running since the start of March 2022 and tutoring is currently being delivered by 27 teachers to 157 students (61% PP students).  Sessions take place before school, during lunch or after school and do not take students away from their existing learning in lessons.  

Mrs C. Warrington

April 2022