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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Instructions for A Level and GCSE results days

Please see below a copy of the email which was sent to all Y13 and Y11 parents and carers with information about this year's results days


Dear Parent / Carer

I am writing to let you know that, following some positive clarification from the DfE around risk assessments and safety precautions, I am now able to revisit the decision to share exam results remotely. It is with real pleasure that I would like to welcome our Y11 and Y13 students back in to school to receive their exam results on Thu 13th Aug (Y13) and Thu 20th Aug (Y11).

We can utilise the safe practice we have established over recent weeks for Y10 & Y12 students, to allow students brief access to site in small numbers to receive their results in person.

This will allow us to:

  • Share results safely, quickly and accurately with students.
  • Discuss next steps such as taking up a place at Sixth Form (Y11), remaining for further study in Y13, successfully accessing HE or other options.
  • Offer immediate support to those who may need it.
  • Quickly schedule more extended meetings for students who needed further advice for later in the day.

Unfortunately, to secure a safe environment for sharing results, there are some strict, non-negotiable rules that must be observed:

  • Students must attend at the given time during the day. The time cannot be changed. I understand that it may not be convenient for some students, but it is an absolute priority to control access to the site. Please do not try and attend at a different time, as you will be turned away. See the table below to see what time you should attend; times are allocated by legal surname.
  • Students must enter the school site through the Temple Rd car park and make their way outside the building to the school reception. There are socially distanced markings on the floor to indicate where they should wait.
  • The designated times allow us to bring no more than 25 students through the site entrance within each slot. No more than two groups will be on site at any one time and they will arrive and leave separately.
  • Students will be met by a member of staff and must clean their hands on entering the school site.
  • Each group will be taken to the main hall to collect their exam results. Each group will have a different collection point to minimise contact.
  • After collecting their results, students may open them immediately or take them off site and open them later.
    • If they open them on site, they can discuss any issues immediately with a member of the team. If there is a problem that requires a more detailed discussion, they may be asked to leave and return later in the day when we can support a longer discussion.
    • If they leave site with their results unopened, they cannot return without calling to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff but they will be able to access support on the same day.
    • Socially distanced meeting spaces have been allocated to allow discussion if needed
    • Designated toilets will be available next to the main hall.
    • All students must leave site directly on leaving the main hall and must not gather together on site or in the local community
  • Students must refrain from physical contact with each other.  It is natural to want to congratulate friends, but they must respect social distancing measures in school at all times. They should not hug or shake hands and they will not be able to come together to take group photos etc.
  • Students must leave site as soon as they have received their results and no more than 10 minutes after receiving their results to allow others to access the site. Students can book in a call or meeting later in the day if they need more time for support with staff.
  • Students will leave the main hall via the bottom doors and must leave site down the main drive.
  • Students should follow the national guidance on social distancing on their journey to and from school and in the local community.
  • Parents cannot attend the event and must wait off site.  Please do not congregate around the gates to wait. I am sorry for those of you who would have liked to attend in person, but we must carefully restrict and control numbers of people accessing the site.
  • We cannot share results by telephone under any circumstances.
  • Results not collected in person will be posted at the end of the working day.

A full copy of the current risk assessments for summer term 2020 for all staff and students can be found on our website. If you do attend in person to collect your results, you must follow all instructions and guidance given on the day.

If you would prefer to receive your results by email, this is possible. The request must come directly from the student (parents cannot request or receive results on behalf of a child) and the results will be emailed to their school email address. If this is your child’s preferred choice, the student must email Mrs Jones on no later than Tuesday 11th August (A-levels) or Tuesday 18th August (GCSE’s) with a written request asking for their exam results to be sent to them electronically on the day. Results will be sent to your childs school email address between 8am and 12pm on the respective results days.

We know it will feel very different to the usual celebration but we will, at least, be able to offer face to face, immediate support and guidance for those students who may need it. We have always wanted to bring students in to school to collect their results, but I am sure you understand that we must make sure we can do so safely and in line with the correct national guidance. Our students have worked so hard over many years to secure their future choices. I can reassure you that we will support any Y13 students who may need help to secure a place in higher education or elsewhere and that we will take a sensible approach with Y11 students who are looking to remain at BCS as part of the Sixth Form.

We really want to and allow them an opportunity to finish an important part of their school lives properly. To be honest, we have missed them and it will be lovely to see them back in school, however brief and restricted their visit may be.

I am aware that there have been some very recent changes to policy by the government that affect the North West of England. I will continue to monitor the situation closely and if it seems that the levels of risk are changing in our area and it may no longer be appropriate to allow students on site, I will contact you and we will revert to our plan to share them electronically. Please keep an eye out for any updates via email or on the website.

We hope to see as many of you as we can on the day!

Craig Yates - Headteacher

Sam Jones - Deputy Headteacher


PS  - we will of course, have leavers’ hoodies and yearbooks ready for those who have asked to be able to collect them with their exam results!


Dates and Times

Please attend at the correct time only. It is not possible to receive results earlier or later or to swap times.

A-level Results (Thu 13th August) NB: There are fewer groups and longer times at A-level as there are fewer students than in Y11

Entry Time

Legal Surname begins with…


A or B or C or D


E or F or G or H or I or J


L or M or N or R


P or S


T or V or W




GCSE Results (Thu 20th August) There are more groups and shorter times at GCSE as there are more students than in Y13

Entry Time

Legal Surname begins with…




A or C


D or E or F




G or I or J or K


L or M


N or O or P or R


S or T


U to W




Key staff will be available for phone discussions from 11am and face to face appointments can be made to meet from 1pm on each results day.