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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Update from Mr Yates 18.07.2022

The following email was sent to parents 18.07.2022

Dear Parent /Carer 


As we head towards the end of term, the sun is doing its best to remind us that there will always be challenges that we don’t expect.  

We have made several sensible adjustments to the school operation and the way we are working to help mitigate against the weather. Tomorrow will be even warmer and we have taken the decision to offer cold food only at lunch time. This is to support our catering team in working safely and in response to our young people who don’t really fancy hot food at the moment! 

Currently, we anticipate being open as normal tomorrow and will let you know if anything changes. 

End of Term 

We have already let you know that this will be a normal school week with the exception of Friday when we will close at 1.15pm to all students. Please contact Sandi Flint by phone or email if your child needs to remain on site until the normal school closing time. 

New School Year 

The end of term is an opportunity to reflect on all that has come during the last year, but to be honest, I would rather look forward to what is coming next. 

Our young people in Y11 and Y13 have refused to be defined by the challenges of the last few years and they have worked incredibly hard to be ready and confident for their GCSE and A-level examinations. I am excited for them to receive recognition for their efforts and watching them open their envelopes is always a highlight of the year. 

We have many more Y7 students joining us in September than we originally expected and this is because more people are choosing BCS as their first-choice school than ever. I am very proud we are such a strong choice for so many families and we will make sure that each new student receives the very best education. Equally pleasing are the Sixth Form recruitment numbers. We have been delighted to offer places to many of our Y11’s and to more external candidates than ever. Our Sixth Form offers a unique opportunity to stay in the school setting whilst receiving the mature and developmental academic offer that KS5 students need to be able to access higher education. If you have a child leaving Y11 who had originally planned to go elsewhere but changes their mind over the summer, they can contact Mrs Cruse who will be able to discuss their options. We have a small number of places available on some courses that we can support late applications for where students can demonstrate they meet the entry requirements.  

We will also be available for Y11 and Y13 students to provide advice and support on the exam  results days in the summer.  Full details and timings of our exam results days can be found on our website by following this link - Buxton Community School - Exam Results Days 

I cannot think about September without thinking about school uniform. It plays a key part in students feeling that they belong to our school and are part of our community. It also helps them remember that they should adopt a school frame of mind when they come through the gates. When you are buying new uniform over the summer, please check against our uniform guide on the website. It is not unknown for students to try and convince their parents that something they would really like is acceptable when the uniform code says different. We ask that before the September return hair that has been dyed a vivid colour is returned to a natural look and excessive and brightly coloured nail extensions are removed or are of a suitable length and of a natural colour. In addition, please remember that jewellery is limited to a watch and studs only in ears. In accordance with Health and Safety regulations no other piercings are allowed, including lip, nose, septum and eyebrow. We will always challenge where uniform is not correct as it plays a significant part in who we are.  

Staff return to school on 1st September and we will be open to take calls if you have any last minute questions for us.  

Students return on Monday 5th September.  

  • Y7 start at 8.50am. 

  • All other year groups (including Sixth Form) start at period 2 - 10.05am. They should head to their form rooms at this time

Normal school day times apply for all year groups from Tuesday 6th September.

Cost of Living Support over the summer 

Derbyshire County Council has put together lots of information and advice to help support families with the rising cost of living. Please follow this link if you require support: Cost of living - Derbyshire County Council 


A school is dependent on having the highest quality staff and I am delighted that once again, we are a popular choice for those looking for new opportunities. Many schools are facing real challenges in being able to recruit across the board. We have been able to recruit really well into both teaching and support staff roles and our teaching roster is fully staffed with highly qualified and experienced experts in every subject. 

Leaving us this year from the teaching team are Mrs Newsome, Miss Meaden, Mrs Stafford, Ms Bowden and Ms Davenport. We wish them luck in their new ventures. From our support staff Mrs Babington is also leaving and again we wish her all the best. 

I will write again in September and introduce some of our new staff who we are very much looking forward to joining the team. 

Community Consultation 

I also want to take the opportunity to update you on the recent community consultation on the proposal to join the Embark Federation. The governors would like to let you know that they are very grateful to everyone who gave a view or asked a question about this proposal. Every response has been carefully considered as part of the consultation and each respondent has also received an individual written response to acknowledge their submission, recognise their view and answer their question or questions. Details of the full consultation and responses will be available on our website in the next few days. 

At an extraordinary governor meeting on Monday 27th June 2022, after considering the responses from stakeholders during the formal consultation period, the governors passed a resolution to continue to proceed with further due diligence enquiries with a view to joining the Embark Multi-Academy Trust.  

The governors would, once again, like to thank everyone for their consideration and they are committed to keeping all our school community informed as the proposal continues. 

Finally, I want to thank every student and every member of staff for making BCS what it is. Never has the word community meant more to our school. Together, we have been able to move rapidly towards a better school experience and put the last couple of years behind us. We have implemented a comprehensive support plan for every student across the school and this will be extended over the next two years to make sure that your child is in the strongest possible position to fulfil their potential at BCS. Thank you for your support and playing your part in sending them to school ready to learn. We can’t do it without you. 

Have a restful summer break 

Craig Yates - Headteacher