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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Plastic free school

BCS start the process to become a plastic free school

As you are probably aware single use plastic bottles are a huge problem for our environment.  Although they can be recycled, many aren’t.  One study found that only 9% of all plastic produced has ever been recycled. That means a MASSIVE 91%, of all the plastic, ever made is now in landfill, has been incinerated, or made its way into the natural environment. 

Manufacturing bottles also produces CO2 and contributes to climate change.

In school, site staff spent a large amount of time picking up discarded water bottles.

For this reason, BCS Climate Action Group decided to take action.  The Bingham Trust and BCS PTA donated funds for us to purchase 3 water dispensers.

From the week beginning 27th February, single use plastic bottles were banned in school.  Instead, there are touch free water dispensers in both dining rooms where students are able to get a drink and fill their water bottles.

All students must bring in a re-useable water bottle, it is now part of their equipment.   

This should mean roughly 1000 fewer plastic bottles being produced and discarded every school day.  That’s roughly 200,000 fewer water bottles every year!

We have also become part of Plastic free schools and will continue to try to rid the school of single use plastic.

If your child brings a packed lunch we would appreciate it if they didn’t contain a single use plastic bottle, and they are as free of single use plastic as possible.

School staff are also asked to reduce the amount of single use plastic they use.