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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Assessment & Reporting

Target Setting at Buxton Community School

Government Benchmarks

Historically all schools are measured against how many GCSE’s pupils achieve at A*- C, including English and Maths. The Government’s new measures mean schools are no longer assessed against this benchmark and instead are expected to show how much progress pupils make since the start of year 7 across 8 subjects.

This is known as Progress 8. It is designed to ensure that pupil’s attainment is broad and balanced. English and Maths are double weighted and therefore are still at the core of the curriculum and vital for students. There are also several other measures such as the number of students achieving 5 x grade 4 to 9 and 5 x grade 5 to 9 amongst others.

We strive to ensure students at Buxton Community School reach their potential and attain the highest grade possible. Our new targets for years 7 to 11 are designed to be aspirational and yet achievable.

What does this mean?

Your son/daughter’s target is formed using the actual results of students from the same KS2 starting point as your child. Progress will then be measured from this starting point to their final GCSE results in the same way as the Government will report progress.

Your son/daughter may have different targets in English, Maths, Art etc. because attainment in creative and academic subjects may be very different. In subjects your child has not studied at primary school, a range of assessment data is used to provide a starting point.

Targets for each tracking point enable staff to recognise students failing to make progress or those consistently failing to meet targets and to subsequently provide support.



Tracking and Reports

Tracking and Annual reports provide current attendance data and current achievement / behaviour points.

Parents receive an electronic copy of tracking and annual reports automatically.



  • Students’ progress at different rates and may not necessarily progress at every tracking.
  • In general we would expect students to stay on track to achieve their target throughout their school career
  • Tracking reports show where your child is succeeding and they can still improve