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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Head Boy & Head Girl

Buxton Community School appoints a team of Prefects each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and at extra-curricular events. This is a perfect role for students in Year 11 who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to 6th form, college, university and to work. There is an expectation that the Prefect team are identifiable around the school by wearing a prefect badge and different coloured tie.

We expect our prefects to be role models for other students. They set the example by being honest, approachable and reliable. As leaders within the school they must lead by example by committing to do their best for themselves and the school.

The application process requires students to write a letter explaining the personal skills and qualities they can demonstrate which would enable them to fulfil the role. Students are then selected for an interview with staff where they have the opportunity to share how they have demonstrated these  skills and qualities both inside and outside of school. From this process a team of 24 students are selected of which eight students are selected as Senior prefects.

The Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl are selected from the team of eight Senior Prefects by the prefect team and members of staff within school.


Head Boy - Tom Broadley

Head Girl - Scarlett Bambridge

Deputy Head Boy - Ben Ashmore

Deputy Head Girl - Faye Davies


Senior Prefects                   

  • Bethany Leah
  • Joel Clayton
  • Harry Walters
  • Eleanor Turner
  • Rose Gilman
  • Aidan Rhode
  • Natasha Birch
  • Lucy Boulton


  • Adam King                       
  • Elley Wray
  • Heather Wilshaw
  • Sosseh Badje
  • Zoe Worth
  • Jess Williams
  • Rosie Lower
  • Beatrice Pyne
  • Ellie Bagshaw
  • Freya Taylor
  • Daisy Mellen
  • Nina Polednova
  • Chad Jackson
  • Loren Withey
  • Bella Hollamby
  • Edward Ivings
  • Abbi Limer
  • Ellie Crawford-Stuart
  • Sarah Green

Letter of introduction from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Thomas Broadley - Head Boy

Hi, my name is Thomas Broadley, I am currently studying geography, history and psychology along with the other core subjects at GCSE level, and I am very proud to introduce myself as head boy for this year at Buxton Community School. For about 3 years now it has been an aspiration of mine to be a member of our school’s prefect team and I am very happy to have been granted the privilege, following a difficult selection process against tough competition.

I look forward to working as part of the prefect team over the next year and striving to accomplish some of our common goals. Areas that I wish to support personally include; developing the school’s already strong environmental ethos and working to inspire a general attitude of hard work and respect – towards others and ourselves. I believe the support of the new year 7s is a responsibility which falls to every member of the prefect team, and that it is important to involve prefects in all aspects of every year group, from year 7 transition through to year 11 achievement, as well as playing an active part in the day-to- day running of the school.

So, why was it that I decided to put myself forward as a candidate for the role? I believe my personality has been a major factor. Working in a public environment, as well as being an active member of Buxton’s Young Farmers and various other clubs over the years, has granted me a character that is, I hope, confident, affable and charismatic. This should hopefully allow me to work alongside staff and students, and speak for the school at open evenings and events. Luckily, I have also been instilled with a strong work ethic which allowed me to pursue my ambition to become head boy and, which, I hope, will prove useful as I work hard during the coming year to help this great school continue to allow other students to realise their potential.


Scarlett Bambridge - Head Girl

Being elected as Head Girl came as such a surprise to me! I have always wanted to have a voice of authority to help others and be an example to the younger students at our school. I applied because Head Girl has always been an ambition of mine: I enjoy leadership immensely and know I can work effectively in our prefect team.

As Head Girl, I hope to bring positive changes to the school and be the voice that unites staff and pupils.  I want to motivate all the pupils in the school to work hard, because my belief is that working hard leads to success! As well as this, if any student has any problems or worries I am more than happy to help both academically and emotionally.

My years at Buxton Community School have given me the tools and the confidence to accomplish my goals. As Head Girl I would like to boost students’ confidence, work successfully with the prefect team and make the most of what Buxton Community School really has to offer. This includes raising awareness of the benefits of sport, in terms of making new friends and boosting physical fitness, and showing students what they can gain from working hard. I want to show this by sharing my personal experiences and show that perseverance can get you anywhere.

I am a very self motivated and determined individual who thrives in learning environments and enjoys sports massively. I am part of the High Peak Netball Club Adult League; I have volunteered with school at the 2017 Para Athletics Championships and have represented the school at county athletics events. I came 2nd in a national Young Enterprise competition alongside Warwick University and have done public speaking across many platforms. Visits to multiple Universities across the country, including Corpus Christi College Oxford and Loughborough, through school, have shown me the scope of possibilities after my time here. As Head Girl, my main ambition is to watch the journey that students will go through during their time at BCS and use my experiences to boost their ambitions.

School isn’t just about academia. It is also about making friends, building your confidence, learning new skills and enjoying your time as a teenager!