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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

Buxton Community School appoints a team of Prefects each year to undertake various roles and responsibilities around the school, both during the school day and at extra-curricular events. This is a perfect role for students in Year 11 who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their experience and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their applications to 6th form, college, university and to work. There is an expectation that the Prefect team are identifiable around the school by wearing a prefect badge and different coloured tie.

We expect our prefects to be role models for other students. They set the example by being honest, approachable and reliable. As leaders within the school they must lead by example by committing to do their best for themselves and the school.

The application process requires students to write a letter explaining the personal skills and qualities they can demonstrate which would enable them to fulfil the role. Students are then selected for an interview with staff where they have the opportunity to share how they have demonstrated these  skills and qualities both inside and outside of school. From this process a team of 24 students are selected of which eight students are selected as Senior prefects.

The Head boy and Deputy Head boy and Head Girl and Deputy Head girl are selected from the team of eight Senior Prefects by the prefect team and members of staff within school.

Aalish Atkinson Head Girl
Jacob Hodgson Head Boy
Anna Walker Deputy Head Girl
Whill Steeples Deputy Head Boy
Jenson Schofield   Senior Prefect
Grace Davies   Senior Prefect
Molly Shaw   Senior Prefect
Alex Fletcher-Clifford   Senior Prefect
Lauren Cooper   Senior Prefect
George Wilmott   Prefect
Poppie Staden   Prefect
Cerys Rodgers   Prefect
JoJo Todd   Prefect
Nicole Atkinson   Prefect
Cameron Rolland   Prefect
Emily Bradbury   Prefect
Harry Hobday   Prefect
Harry Wood   Prefect
Rachel Nolan   Prefect
Ellie Bradshaw   Prefect
Eve Kirk-Lynch   Prefect


Head Boy Welcome -Jacob Hodgson

My name is Jacob Hodgson and I have recently been elected as Head Boy at Buxton Community School.  I am delighted to have been given this privilege after going through a difficult selection process.

So why did I want to join the prefect team?  I have had very high standards for myself throughout my entire education and I wanted to become part of a team with a group of people who have a similar mindset.  I want to do my bit in helping to make this incredible school an even better place and ensure the new Year 7s have a smooth transition.  After all, I’ve been there myself and I know how difficult it can be coming to a new school.  Year 7 is the year where you lay the infrastructure for the rest of your school life, so it’s important to have the best possible start.

I want to act as a voice for students from Year 7 right up to Year 11 and provide any support I can.

What do I hope to get out of being Head Boy?  I think it is important that everybody breaks out of their comfort zone in order to progress and this is exactly what I have done here.  When I first considered even becoming a prefect I was worried.  I was too far inside my comfort zone but I forced myself to apply in order to grow as a person.  Before this whole process began, becoming Head Boy seemed like it was a long way off, however, I have proved to myself that I can do things that once seemed extremely unlikely to me.  I feel I am now ready to face the challenges to come.

Head Girl Welcome - Aalish Atkinson

My name is Aalish Atkinson and I am a member of the senior prefect team and have been elected as Head Girl.  As part of the election process I was required to deliver a speech to my peers.  I explained how I enjoy working as a team and how getting to know other students in the school, is important to me.

As well as my core GCSE subjects I am studying Spanish, PE and Business Studies.  I hope to get the grades required to complete my A Levels.  Outside of school I enjoy participating in sports and clubs; particularly football and athletics.

I aspired to be Head Girl because I find working with peers and supporting others very rewarding.  Helping in the community is a benefit of my position and I want to be able to offer support and be a voice for the student body.

It’s a real honour to be voted by my peers and senior staff in the school.  As an ambassador of Buxton Community School, I pledge to help to make our community a better place for everyone involved.