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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School


We are really pleased that you have chose to study BTEC Level 3 IT in our Sixth Form.  Please download the booklet below and work through the tasks.  These will cover the following:

About you

  • Why did you choose BTEC IT?
  • What other A levels have you chosen and why?
  • What Operating System do you have at home? (MAC, Windows, Linux)
  • Have you used spreadsheets before? If so in school or at home?
  • What career or College/University course were you thinking about in the future?
  • Do you have access to the school system from home yet?


  • Real world skills for businesses and jobs
  • Databases used in most if not all organisations
  • Theory learnt for exam on the principles of ICT and how businesses use and need ICT
  • Equivalent to an A Level same points for UCAS system, but graded as Pass Merit Distinction and Distinction Star

What will you get out of it?

  • Skills to take to the workplace and help you in jobs 
  • Excellent practical skills; including databases to a high level and then either spreadsheets or websites again to high skills level to be able to implement and make what is a board set task