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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones and Devices

At Buxton Community School we are aware of the need for many students to carry mobile phones and devices for reasons of personal safety and practicality while travelling to and from school. We are also conscious of the possible dangers and problems that can arise from the use of mobile phones and devices in school such as:

  • the impact on learning of the continual distraction they provide
  • bullying through SMS or other means
  • possession or transmission of inappropriate/unlawful images
  • filming of individuals without their permission
  • general nuisance in the classroom and social areas
  • accessing inappropriate websites on the internet
  • theft/damage to or loss of phones and devices and the resultant loss of time to staff due to investigations

For the reasons mentioned above, mobile phones and devices are not banned by the school but their use anywhere on school premises by students between 8.50am and 3.20pm is not permitted (apart from Sixth form students who can use them in the Sixth Form Social Areas).  In emergencies, parents and students can contact each other through the school office. It is essential that all emergency information be routed through the school office, so that relevant staff will be aware of any potentially important information.

Please note:

  • The student is responsible for the safe keeping of their mobile phone or device at all times, not the school.
  • Buxton Community School will not take responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones and devices. (Parents need to be aware that some insurance companies may not cover loss or damage to mobile phones and devices in schools).
  • Mobile phones and devices must not be used to contact parents if the student feels unwell. Students should go to the First Aid room, where a member of staff will contact parents if necessary.
  • Students may not under any circumstances film other students or teachers, make threatening calls, or in any other way abuse the use of the mobile phone or device. This could lead to the strictest sanctions, including informing the police.
  • Parents are strongly requested not to contact your son/daughter via their mobile device during the school day, but for emergencies to contact the school office.
  • Mobile phones and devices are not allowed in examination rooms. Any student found in possession of a mobile phone in an examination room will be disqualified from that examination and may be barred from sitting future examinations.
  • Mobile phones and devices must be switched off while on school premises (this includes break and lunch times) unless a student has the direct permission of a member of staff.
  • Students should keep their phones and devices out of sight and in a secure place.
  • If mobile phone use is detected, the mobile phone sanctions will be applied and parents will be notified by text message:
    • 1st offence: phone confiscated until end of the day; collected from reception by the student.
    • 2nd and any further offences: phone confiscated until end of day and a parent/carer, or another adult nominated by the parent/carer, must collect from reception.
    • 3rd offence: as above plus half a day in internal exclusion.
    • 4th offence: as above plus a day in internal exclusion.
    • Any subsequent offences further sanctions will apply.

NB: If at any stage a student who has had their phone confiscated is found to have another phone with them, they will automatically go to 2nd offence stage.