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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Performing Arts

Hello lovely Year 11s

We have a really exciting Performing Arts course ready and waiting for you but we thought you could do some research in preparation. There are some tasks that we’d like you to do and then we’ve given you some performances and websites to look at.  There are a variety of shows and styles here as there are so many theatres and companies streaming productions for free. We hope to forward you a password for the National Theatre’s archive collection but they still have shows for free. You may be familiar with some of the companies or you may not, just give them a go. These companies are not directly linked to the course but they are great examples of a different kind of performance – imaginative, energetic and combining multiple art forms. We can’t wait to create performances with you!


1 We’d like you to create a Presentation (in whatever form you like) on 3 favourite artists ; they could be actors, musicians, singers, comedians, dancers, artists, performance poets or a combination of any

2 Watch the new single and video from Rosie Langley – it’s a cover of a Bob Dylan song. The song itself is quite clear in its lyrics and message but how does the video help support that message? Write a short analysis of how it makes you feel watching it.

3 Review your favourite film / tv series / theatre production/ gig. Take a performance of a company / band/ artist/ actor that you have seen and include an explanation of why the performance mattered to you, why you enjoyed it, what made it memorable and how it became your favourite.

4 Read and find as many stories as you can, watch films tv, listen to music, write lyrics, scripts, stories, blogs. Listen to family member’s stories and memories

Websites – try to watch Shakespeare Globe’s Macbeth and one of the 60 minute special Cirque de Soleil performances (Algeria) The Whatsonstage site will list most free shows and then there will be specific links below it. Please watch the Frantic Assembly clips though.

Whatsonstage   The Globe’s Macbeth and Cirque du Soleil Macbeth – free to watch on youtube premieres until schools reopen

Frantic Assembly    A small and very successful theatre company from Cornwall. Look at the video on design and theatre making

Just to relieve the lockdown boredom – try some stage combat