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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School


Head of Department: Laura Howells (Contact)

Key Stage 4

The GCSE Psychology course is made up of two exams which are both taken at the end of Year 11. The first exam paper is called “Making sense of other people”. The topics on this paper aim to help you find answers to questions that have intrigued non-psychologists for years. For example:

  • Why do I forget things?
  • How can I read body language?
  • What causes Antisocial Personality Disorder?
  • What causes prejudice in the world?

The second exam paper is called “Understanding other people”. The topics on this paper will help you find answers to other fascinating questions. For example:      

  • How can I overcome a phobia?
  • Why are bystanders reluctant to help in emergencies?
  • Who was Sigmund Freud and what did he believe was responsible for the way people behave?
  • What causes people to be aggressive?

You will also learn about the variety of research methods used by psychologists to discover answers to these questions and many more.