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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Religious Studies

Head of Department: Beth Adair (Contact)

Key Stage 3

Religious Studies in Year 7 and 8 introduces pupils to key skills needed throughout their time at BCS such as forming a well-balanced argument, becoming confident in debates and being empathetic. They will study RS in one lesson a week that aims to enable pupils to learn about and from different faiths, cultures and philosophies. Over time, pupils are expected to be able to combine basic understanding of the topics with deeper analysis and evaluation which touches on their personal opinions.

The course over Y7 and Y8 includes topics such as:

  1. World Religions
  2. Ancient Mythology
  3. Cults and New Religious Movements
  4. Philosophy for Children
  5. Prejudice and Discrimination
  6. Religion and the Media  

Key Stage 4 

Philosophy and Ethics GCSE (Y9 – 11)

Philosophy is currently a core GCSE that all pupils are expected to complete in the one hour a week allocated to the subject. We follow the AQA syllabus Religious Studies A. it includes modules on Christianity, Islam and ‘Themes’ on Philosophical and Ethical issues.

The course is assessed in two exams lasting 1 hour 45 minutes each.  These will be taken at the end of Year 11 and assessed externally by AQA. The first exam is focused on the beliefs and practices of the religions studied. The second exam is focused on 4 Philosophical and Ethical ‘Themes’. Each exam counts for 50% of the pupil’s overall grade and there are no modular exams or coursework. There will be a single tier of assessment covering grades 9 – 1.