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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School


At Buxton Community School, all students in Years 7 to 11 are expected to follow the school dress code.

We believe that a smart uniform, properly worn, is fundamental in supporting what we as a school wish to achieve. In recent years many visitors and members of the public have commended our students for their smart appearance in school and on their way to and from school.  We ask our parents, and expect our students, to support us in this.  At Buxton Community School we are proud of our students and their smart appearance.  We want everyone to wear the correct uniform, and to look smart.  Ties should be done up correctly, shirts buttoned to the collar and tucked in.

Please ensure that all items are marked with your child's name.

Please find below further clarification of our uniform expectations in order to ensure all students look smart and part of our community.

If you are unsure if an item meets our school dress code please discuss with your son/daughter's tutor or Head of Pastoral Care before purchasing.

We consider smart dress and pride in appearance to be very important for all students and we thank parents for their support in ensuring that high standards are maintained.

 Our School Uniform:

Black blazer Black blazer with school logo (purchased only from Classworx or Only school badges allowed on lapel.
Plain white shirt Plain white shirt with a pointed collar (not tight fitting blouse) buttoned to the top and must be worn tucked into trousers/skirt.
School Tie School clip on tie — purchase from school via ParentPay
Black Trousers or Skirt All black trousers or skirt (skirt must be close to knee length). Trousers and skirts must be plain black, made of school uniform type material only (not denim, canvas, cord, linen, or leather). Leggings/legging type trousers and jean-type trousers with patch pockets are not allowed.
Shoes Shoes should be leather or leather look, polishable all black, flat, sensible school shoes, not canvas or other materials, no sports trainers. There should be no coloured logos.
Socks Socks should be plain black or white. Tights should be black.

All students should bring a refillable water bottle to school each day


  • A plain, all black V-neck, knitted school jumper may be worn under the blazer (no logos). The jumper must not be worn instead of the blazer. No sweatshirts or hoddies.
  • A belt, if required, should be thin, plain black with a plain buckle.

The blazer is available from the Classworx store in in Macclesfield (formerly Trutex & More).  Email:
Website:  Address: King Edward Road, Macclesfield, SK10 1AP.  Telephone: 01625 500552

The blazer can also be purchased from 

The tie is available from school only (purchase via ParentPay). Only the official school blazer and tie will be allowed. 

Pre-loved uniform is also available from our pre-loved uniform shop  Pre-loved uniform shop

Not allowed:

  • Coats, scarves, hats or gloves should not be worn inside the building.
  • Jewellery or piercings are limited to a watch and studs ears.
  • Jewellery cannot be worn at all for PE (Derbyshire County Council Policy for schools).
  • Ear stretchers cannot be worn, for health and safety reasons.
  • Any makeup must be minimal and natural looking and nails must be of a reasonable length, any polish must be a pale colour.
  • There should be no extreme hair styles. e.g. patterns shaved into the head; vivid hair dye

PE Kit

Boys and girls have the same PE kit:

PE Top BCS badged performance fabric PE top (compulsory)
PE Hoodie BCS badged performance fabric hooded top (optional)
PE Shorts BCS badged performance fabric shorts (compulsory)
PE leggings BCS badged performance fabric leggings (optional)
PE track pants BCS badged track pants (optional)
Socks Outdoor: Plain white football socks for outdoors
Indoor: Plain white short socks or trainer socks for indoors
Trainers Trainers can be any colour.


The PE kit is available from Classworx in Macclesfield (formerly Trutex and More) .  Email:
Website:  King Edward Road, Macclesfield, SK10 1AP.  Telephone: 01625 500552

There is also a limited stock in our Pre-loved uniform shop (Pre-loved uniform shop)


Badged Black School Blazer

Can be purchased from Classworx (contact details as above) or from


School Tie

Available from school only (purchase on-line via ParentPay)  £5.00
Unbadged items

Unbadged items can be purchased from any school uniform supplier (ie Marks & Spencer, Classworx, any of the supermarket chains, etc). Please bear in mind:

  • White shirt - must be a school uniform shirt with a pointed collar (not a tight fitting blouse), buttoned to the top.
  • Trousers – must be plain black school uniform trousers, loose fitting around the leg. Not denim, canvas cord, linen or leather. Leggings, legging type trousers, jeans or jean type trousers are not allowed.
  • Skirts – must be plain black, close to knee length school uniform skirt.
  • Socks – plain black or white.
  • Tights – plain black.
  • Shoes – only leather or leather-look, polishable, all black, flat, sensible school shoes are allowed. Canvas or any other material or sports trainers are not allowed. No coloured logos 
  • PE Socks – plain white football socks for outdoor and plain white short or trainer socks for indoor.