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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Year 9 Options 2024

Please see below a letter detailing our Y9 options process, which was emailed out to all parents.  You can also download the Options Booklet at the bottom of the page. 

As part of this process we are giving the students an opportunity to do some taster session.  Y9 students will be signing up for Taster Sessions during tutor time during week commencing 29th January 2024.

Follow this link to complete your options choices:  Y9 Options Choice Form

Dear Parents/Carers and Year 9 Students

We are now at the stage where your child is approaching the end of Key Stage 3 and therefore we will be starting the Year 9 options process. Your child will be asked to select subject choices for the Key Stage 4 curriculum.  I will be delivering an assembly on the 17th January (tomorrow) to all Y9 students to explain what the process involves. We are pleased to invite you and your child to our Y9 Options Information Evening on Wednesday 14th February.  There will be three talks as follows:

  • 5.30pm - parent/carer and student from each of forms 9HWD and 9NRS
  • 6.00pm - parent/carer and student from each of forms 9ALN and 9FWL
  • 6.30pm - parent/carer and student from each of forms 9HWR and 9JON

All students will be required to follow the core curriculum of:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Science (combined or triple)
  • Core Physical Education
  • Personal Development

In addition, students will be asked to select 3 further choices and must also choose 3 reserve subjects.

To support this options process, we offer a range of information, advice and guidance throughout the next half term. As well as discussions with their tutor and subject teachers, the following programme will take place:

  • 17th January                Options assembly presentation for Y9 students.
  • w/c 22nd January      Options booklet issued to students in form time.
  • 31st Jan/1st Feb          Subjects assembly.
  • 31st Jan/1st Feb          Students apply for taster sessions.
  • 7th February                Y9 Parents’ Evening via School Cloud (online)
  • 14th February               Options Information Evening in school.
  • 12th –16th February    Taster sessions during Personal Development time in school.
  • 15th February               You will receive a link via email to an electronic form for your child to make their option choices.
  • 8th March                      Option choices deadline.

Wherever possible, students should choose subjects that they enjoy, and subjects in which they can find success. The Parents’ Evening on 7 February will be an opportunity to discuss progress in that subject. On February 14th you will have the opportunity to speak to subject leaders about their Key Stage 4 courses. 

Students, if you have a particular career in mind after you leave school, you must choose the subjects that will help you. Consider how each course is assessed and whether this plays to your strengths. However, you must be aware that it may not be possible to put some combinations on the timetable: there are limits to the number of rooms and teachers available at any one time.

Mr Holman will be offering further support and guidance around Options Choices and will be helping all students make the right choices.

Finally, remember that Key Stage 4 is not the final part of your child’s academic journey. We have a huge range of courses available in our Sixth Form.

We look forwarding to seeing you on the 7th and 14th February.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Alex Garner

Deputy Headteacher