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Y11 Mock Eams

Y11 mock exam information

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to let you know that we still intend to hold our mock exams the fortnight before the Christmas break, beginning on the 7th December. We are aware of the challenges that students face in preparing for these assessments in light of their isolation periods. Their teachers are working hard to ensure the content required for the assessments is being taught and that during periods of remote learning students have access to activities, loom videos and resources to complete the work. As we have not yet been informed of the Government’s contingency plans for the exams we believe the mock exams are really important and we are encouraging all of our students to prepare well and do their best.

Subject teachers will be ensuring students are guided towards which areas should be revised (this is likely to include all topics covered since the start of Y10) and ways in which they may approach the revision. Tutors are also providing guidance on how to effectively prepare in registration times. A small number of staff are running some additional sessions after school for their groups. I have included a timetable for your information. These sessions are primarily additional support sessions and should not be considered the only revision done for that subject. Please also see below some additional information that you may find helpful to understand what effective revision would ‘look like’ and what you can do to support your child.

Your child is likely to be well underway with their revision and exam preparation. If you are struggling to afford resources to support them, please feel free to contact me in confidence and I will do what I can to help. If your child is yet to start revising, please encourage them to make a plan of what they will begin with and what method they will use. Starting is often the biggest hurdle!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Mrs O’Brien - KS4 Director of Progress



General advice for effective exam preparation;

·         Ensuring the student has a quiet space to work and somewhere to keep their resources together

·         Putting their mobile phone away for the duration of the revision session (unless they are using it to access an online revision app)

·         Effective revision almost always involves producing something such as revision cards, mind maps, essay plans, instruction cards etc. Reading and highlighting is not effective revision.

·         Split the revision session into ‘learning information’ and then ‘testing themselves’ – it is not essential that the testing element is on what they have just been revising, it could be a different topic altogether. Testing themselves could include a family member testing them using their revision cards or revision book, doing a past paper question and self-marking it, writing out what they can remember before checking their notes.

·         Revision sessions are best done over an hour with a gap in the middle to clear their mind for a few minutes. Stopping for a drink and snack may be helpful.

·         All students will have a preferred method of revision but they may need to try out a few ways to find it!

·         Ensure a balance of revision and rest is achieved. Putting it off will not benefit anyone, likewise not having a break can also be detrimental.

·         If a student is particularly stressed or upset it is best to stop. They should then be supported to decide upon a time that they will come back to it or decide when they will seek help from a teacher.

Looking for further advice?

Below are some links to some webinars that students may wish to sign up for to get further advice on how to use their time effectively.

·         Student Webinar - Motivation & Mindset - GCSEPod - 9th November - 5pm to 6pm

·         Student Webinar – How to Work Smarter, Not Harder  - GCSEPod - 25th November - 6pm to 7pm

·         Student Webinar – Achieving the Best Study/Life Balance - GCSEPod – 9th of December - 5pm to 6pm