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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

All the hard work pays off!

Huge congratulations to our Y11 students.

It was a real pleasure today to see so many of our Y11 students in school today to receive the grades they have earned and deserve. Every student has worked hard to earn the grades they have been awarded and not been given an easy ride. Our staff have been rigorous in awarding the grades that they feel reflect the work each student has done through their studies at BCS. I am so proud of how everyone has coped so brilliantly with the challenges of the last two years.  Each change in direction, lock down, return to school and then further changes, that they have needed to deal with has been met with optimism and determination to make the best of an incredibly difficult situation. Every student should be really proud of what they have achieved and should not let anyone take that away from them. This year’s grades are worth every bit as much as any other year. I am just as proud of the staff who have supported them throughout the year and the parents who have worked so closely with the school.

The grades received have been impressive, this group of students have achieved exceptionally well throughout their time at BCS and this has been reflected in the grades they have been awarded this year. Students have earned opportunities to take up offers for places at our Sixth Form, college places, apprenticeships, or other exciting opportunities. They are where they want to be and doing what they want to do because of their hard work and commitment to their studies and we couldn't be any more proud or happy for them

We have loved having each of them with us for the last five years and we will be delighted to see so many of them again in a few weeks when they return to join the Sixth Form. As for Buxton Community School, we are really looking forward to re-opening in September under more conventional conditions and we have a comprehensive strategy ready to support our younger students in being ready to fulfil their potential to the full when it is their turn to be awarded their qualifications.

Craig Yates - Headteacher