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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Primary schools enjoy a morning of Sports Hall Athletics

Sports Leader students get a chance to exercise their skills.

Dawn Richardson and Anna Flanagan, our Partnership Development Team, were thrilled to be able to invite our local Primary Schools to a Sports Hall Athletics competition.

We were extremely proud of the Sports Leader and Dancop students involved, who showed themselves to be very professional, courteous, empathetic and encouraging to all the primary children participating.   Very often sports leadership can get overlooked, but the skills in decision making, encouraging others, communicating with teachers and children as well as being positive and responsible are key qualities that will support them as they go further in education and career.

Feedback from the primary schools was that the event was very slick and that the sports leaders and Dancop students were great role models for their children.

We would like to say a huge well done and thank you to the following students:

  • Jack Bowers
  • Oliver Burns
  • Barney Buston
  • Isabel Flanagan
  • Leo Hindle
  • Chloe Howe
  • Vicky Madry
  • Ben Moss
  • Evie Naylor
  • Matthew Rolfe

DANCOP Students:

  • Leander Beglin
  • Ashley Mycock
  • Nicole Kirk
  • Jess Kennedy
  • Jayden Green
  • Cameron Ryder
  • Rosie Chapman Clarke
  • Connie Robins
  • Logan Gascoigne

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