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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

First day back

Timings for back to school

We look forward to welcoming the students back on Wednesday 6th September and wanted to remind you of the start times for each year group:

  • Year 7 start at 8.50am and should meet their form tutor on the tennis courts.
  • Year 8 -11 should be on site by 10.10am and students should head to their form rooms for a 10.15am start.
  • Year 12 should meet in the study centre for a 10.15am start.
  • Year 13 should make their way to their form forms for a 10.15am start.

If your child is in Y8-11 and travels to school on the bus and will therefore arrive for the normal 8.50am start, they should report to the Learning Hub on arrival where they will be supervised until they go to their form rooms for 10.15am.

As per my end of term letter can I please reiterate that I am aware that the Summer holidays are a time when some students express themselves in different ways, without the constraints of school standards. However, it is very important that before they return on Wednesday, hair that is dyed a vivid colour is returned to a natural look and excessive and brightly coloured nail extensions are removed, or of a suitable length and of a natural colour. In addition, please remember that jewellery is limited to a watch and studs only in ears. In accordance with Health and Safety regulations no other piercings are allowed, including lip, nose, septum and eyebrow. Please ensure these are removed prior to returning on Wednesday if your child had a piercing (other than in their ear) over the Summer break.

I know that many of you will have seen in the news that some schools in England have been identified as having a type of potentially dangerous concrete.  I just wanted to reassure you that regular site surveys have confirmed there are no issues with the concrete at our school.

With kind regards

Mrs Sam Jones - Headteacher