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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Business Studies

Basics and Expectations

Let’s start with a positive: Well done!

Well done for completing your GCSE years and putting the work in! You have opened some doors and the purpose of all A Level courses is to open those doors a little wider. Hopefully you have chosen Business as you have an interest in a subject which affects your everyday lives. With that in mind, let’s begin…

Business is all around you every day, it isn’t hard to see how it has affected you and will affect your future. Take Brexit for example, do you view that as a positive or a negative?

There will be some key terms you should know from your GCSE course, however, if you are new to Business or have enjoyed a busy summer, these are the terms you should be familiar with. Spend some time to find them out and create a document with them prepared.

Use: to help

Easy Key Term

Challenging Terms

Revenue (define, formula)


Profit (define, formula)

Interest rates

Variable costs (define, formula)

Porters Five Forces

Contribution per unit (formula)

Boston Matrix

Break even (define, formula)

Ansoff Matrix


Labour turnover (define, formula)


Capacity utilisation (define, formula)

Unlimited liability

ROCE (define, formula)

Limited liability

Current Ratio (define, formula)

Exchange rate

Trading Bloc

Profit margin



That should have given you plenty to think about. These terms will be integral in your understanding of business.

Now please download the booklet below which is full of further information and some interesting tasks.  

Return any work or forward any questions to;

We look forward to working with you

Mr Ward and Miss Barratt