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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

School Catering

We are proud of our Catering Team all of whom work hard to provide students with healthy and tasty meals every day which meet the nutritional regulation laid down by the Government.

  • Our main meals and desserts are made freshly each day on the premises
  • All our suppliers are reputable local businesses
  • All our sandwiches and wraps are freshly made onsite each day.
  • All of our morning break items are prepared on site using bread from our local bakery.
  • The school does not use peanuts in any of its menu items.
  • All the catering staff are fully trained in food safety and hygiene, and refresh their knowledge every 3 years.
  • The catering department is self financing - the very reasonably priced meals generate the income necessary for all costs.
  • Many of our staff are parents themselves so are always happy to help students with any problems they may have.

Cashless system

We run a “cashless” system where students are given a meal card on arrival in school. Please ensure that your child brings the card into school each day.

Payment for the school meals should be made through the ParentPay system which links directly with the cashless system in school. We do not accept cash in the dining halls.

Students should only use their own cards to pay for food.

Students must report a lost card as soon as possible, to make sure it is stopped and cannot be used. If a card is permanently lost or damaged, the cost is £1.50 for a replacement.

New menu prices from November 2023

Dish of the Day £2.60
Jacket Potato and Butter £1.50
Jacket Potato and Beans £1.70
Jacket Potato, Beans and Cheese £1.90
Panini £2.00
Pasty £1.50
Sausage Roll £1.30
Hot Bap £1.50
Cold Bap £1.50
Pizza £1.40
Wrap £1.50
Packed Lunch £3.00
Salad £2.30
Soup £1.70
Meal Deal £3.55
Pasta £2.00
Pasta and Cheese £2.50
Sauce 25p
Butter 15p
Cold Dessert 80p
Hot Dessert 90p
Fruit 70p
Yoghurt 70p
Cookie 80p
Cake 80p
Tray Bake 80p