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Buxton Community School

Buxton Community School

Transition Year 6 to Year 7

Please take a few minutes to read through our induction palet: 

We really look forward to seeing our new Y7 students in September and in the meantime please be sure to check out the Padlet.

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Our aim is that every child has the opportunity to succeed. We strive to create an environment in which staff and students encourage each other and show mutual respect. A thorough programme has been developed in order to ensure your child’s transition from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible.

Meeting you

Early in the autumn term, Years 5 and 6 are invited to our Open Evening to meet staff and students. During the evening you have a chance to meet with the Headteacher, the Director of Progress for Transition and other key staff.  You are welcome to look around the school and take part in the many activities on offer by subject departments. 

In the spring, our current Year 7 students apply to become Transition Mentors. They visit primary schools, spend time with prospective students, and answer any questions about moving to secondary school. 

Following this, the future intake year spend a day at Buxton Community School during which they meet the other students in their new form and their Form Tutor. Sample taster lessons are run so that everyone can get a 'feel' of the new school before they arrive in September. Parents and children are then invited into school one evening to meet tutors and senior staff and to share information with other staff such as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) if appropriate.

In any year there will be several students who are from much smaller primary schools and parents can be reassured that our experience is that they too settle quickly.

Working with primary schools

At Buxton Community School we believe it is essential the Director of Year 6 / Year 7 Transition, the DoP for Transition and the SENCo, work with current primary teachers to learn as much as possible about each individual child. We also endeavour to develop close relationships with parents, students and professionals where transition to secondary school is thought likely to cause particular challenges. Consequently, we are able to organise students into appropriate form groups, balanced with respect to ability, gender and individual need.

To ensure your child continues to make good academic progress at Buxton Community School we have also developed close curricular liaisons with our feeder schools. Our staff regularly meet and work with primary colleagues in a variety of ways from sharing teaching ideas to methods of assessment and feedback.

Our English department may have already asked you to send them samples of creative writing. These samples will aid progression at the beginning of Year 7 by ensuring the appropriate level of challenge.

Year 7

The specialist Year 7 tutor team supports and guides students in their new school. Pastoral care is all important and Form Tutors monitor their tutees, meeting them each day during registration. A team of Year 10 Well-being Champions support Year 7 form tutors, visiting their attached forms twice a week.  They are also available for a drop-in and a chat every Tuesday lunch time in The Hub.  The Well-being Champions are clearly identifiable by their gold and stripey ties and gold badges.  

Tracking reports and Parents’ Evening will give you the opportunity to keep track of your child's progress. 

To recognise and encourage positive attitudes and individual achievement students are awarded R-Points. There Award's Assemblies each term to recognise students' effort and achievement across the curriculum.

At Buxton Community School we strongly encourage our Year 7 students to engage with the many enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities on offer such as sports teams, music, art, drama and languages clubs. There will also be several school trips. We know that students who have a well-rounded school life are generally happier and make good progress.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s start at Buxton Community School, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Transition Co-ordinator: Gary Wentworth (Mr G Wentworth)

Director of Progress for Transition: Charlie Holman(Mr C Holman)

Head of Pastoral Care for Y7: Mrs Caroline Siddons (Mrs Siddons)